"It is about the story, which is told by the lyrics. The lyrics are borne by the melody. The chord progression gives the melody a path. The rhythms are the ‘driving wheel’. And that is how it all makes sense to me." - Mo' Kauffey


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"Dig It" 2012
 1. Hot Tub Mambo/J. Mooney
 2. Know You Rider/Trad.
 3. Poor Boy/Trad. arranged by G. Wickizer
 4. Chick Safari/Bill Haley
 5. Magnolia/J.J. Cale
 6. Dig It/G. Wickizer
 7. Just Like Tom Thumbs Blues/B. Dylan
 8. Navajo Rug/Ian Tyson & Tom Russell
 9. Mellow Down/Willie Dixon
10. Scramble/G. Wickizer
11. Who'da Thunk It/Greg Brown
12. Blues Palace/John Gorka

 "Whatcha Gonna Do" 2003
 1. Committed
 2. Missing You/K. Brown
 3. Whatcha Gonna do
 4. Celebrate
 5. Fan It/S. Hopkins
 6. I Just Sing
 7. Charlie Hates The Blues
 8. Railroad Work Song
 9. Rainy Day
10. Circles
11. In The Snow
12. Cheshire Moon
13. Sixteen Tons/M. Travis
14. Faded Love

"Pirates of the Airwaves" 2002
 1. All Around The World
 2. Railroad Work Song
 3. I Just Sing
 4. Whatcha Gonna Do
 5. I Get The Blues
 6. Know You Rider
 7. Got To Try
 8. Today
 9. Long Black Veil/M. Wilkens, D. Dill
10. Blind Fiddler
11. Mystery Song
12. Magnolia/J.J. Cale

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Mo' and Les “Headin’ South/Sno-Flakes” 2002

 1. Whatcha Gonna Do
 2. Money's Getting Cheaper
 3. I Just Sing/Wine
 4. Down By The Riverside
 5. Keep Your Hands Off Her\
 6. Can't Hold Out
 7. Blues In The Bottle
 8. You Rascal
 9. One Meatball
10. Ain't No Sunshine

“4-Corners Mo’” 2001
 1. Nobody Knows
 2. I Just Sing
 3. Funny
 4. How Can I Miss You
 5. Mack da Knife
 6. Down By The Riverside
 7. Cheshire Moon
 8. Tom Thumbs Blues

"Just Mo' " 2000
 1. *I Just Sing
 2. *Got To Try
 3. Who'da Thunk It/G. Brown
 4. All Around The World/Trad.
 5. Blind Fiddler/Trad.
 6. *Cheshire Moon
 7. Sunshine Songs/J. Davis & R. Miller
 8. *Bestest Friend
 9. *What Am Me?
10. Know You Rider/Trad.
11. *Today
12. Hesitation Blues/Trad.

*Written by Gary Wickizer


Anonymous said...

"Who'da Thunk It" is a hit song if I've ever heard one. Also, your "Sixteen Tons" is right up there with Tennessee Ernie Ford and Tom Jones.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your feedback, glad you dig 'em!

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