"It is about the story, which is told by the lyrics. The lyrics are borne by the melody. The chord progression gives the melody a path. The rhythms are the ‘driving wheel’. And that is how it all makes sense to me." - Mo' Kauffey

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Welcome to the new Mo' Kauffey website. The site is done and funtionally unchallanged, Content is  still being added, (BUT WAIT)..........this is a blogger site, so it is designed to be active AND interactive. You can leave comments, email us, inquire about purchasing Mo' stuff, and please feel free to pass the link along to friends you think would like to 'know about Mo''.
I am now corfortable in saying, "Welcome to my web, let your mouse take you an a tour of Mo's new house."

"There is not enough o's in the word smooth for Mo' Kauffey." Steve Sinnicks


sing for today said...


This is paco, and good job [-;

Mo' Kauffey said...

Hey Paco, thanks! Hope all is well, seen Galvin?

Celeste Navara said...

Hi Mo'. Looks great!

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